Orange Grove Florida Wedding

Orange Grove Citrus Florida Inspired Wedding Styled Shoot at McKinnon Groves in Winter Garden, FL

One tip you should pay attention to when it comes to your Florida wedding is that there are many advantages of a to using your environment in your wedding photoshoot. I’m not just saying that because I’m into wedding photography, photoshoot pictures from your wedding will most likely be the ones you’ll look amongst to find the picture that will be framed for your living room or work place table. I truly love to use the gorgeous natural Florida scenery when it comes to portraits and details!

It was a beautiful day in Winter Garden, Florida when Jenna and Greg had their styled shoot at McKinnon Groves. The date was August 5th and McKinnon Groves proved to be stunning. It created the perfect backdrop to their citrus themed wedding photoshoot. It is after all, a lovely wedding venue surrounded by Florida orange groves. As an Orlando Wedding Photographer, I love to capture couples as beautiful as this two and the weather was perfect throughout the shoot too. This venue is new and this added to the unique and special feeling of this wedding photoshoot. Hidden in this gorgeous Florida orange grove, Jenna and Greg were married… again! 

The Details

The lovely wooden barrel and board announcing “Welcome to our forever” was a beautiful touch and made for a great prop at this photoshoot. I was also able to use the wedding stationary which were also citrus themed, like the menu and the invitations. I captured fantastic images of the wedding rings, the wedding dress and Jenna getting ready. 

Another lovely part of this Orlando wedding photoshoot was the cake. Four tiered with three of those tiers all white and an orange tier, it went beautifully with the citrus theme. The lovely flowers and orange slices as décor were great too. I was able to capture this cake hanging from a swing! Now how many times have you seen something so unique and beautiful?!

We also used a beautiful bouquet for the shoot. It had splashes of orange and red with greenery in keeping with the citrus wedding theme. The lovely thing about shoots like these is that the couple can be so relaxed and have fun without any pressure. This shows in all the pictures that you capture making for very beautiful Orlando wedding photography.

The Wedding

As you can see from below, the pictures from this shoot were gorgeous. I was able to capture Jenna and Greg together and separately. I even got some pictures of them with the super cute dog named Jack. Jack modeled beautifully too. The best kind of wedding photos are those in which the couple look natural and relaxed. You can see from these images that Jenna and Greg were able to capture that quite beautifully.

Honestly, I loved it! There’s something spectacular about McKinnon Groves and the theme for this photoshoot captured it beautifully. The smiles on this couple’s face and the love between them was very obvious. From the regular wedding shots to them just having fun, it was lovely to experience and document. So, without Further ado, here are the photos from the shoot. I hope you love them as much as I do: